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Background Behind The Kit Build

For many years we've looked on enviously as Westfields, Caterhams, and a wide variety of sports/kit built cars motor around the roads of North Oxfordshire. The fact that virtually every driver and passenger have grins from ear to ear shows that motoring pleasure is not yet dead. Keen to sample some of that enjoyment, we searched for many a long month through the Kit Magazines looking for the right vehicle for us to build.

It wasn't until we read the October 2007 edition of Kitcar magazine, that we can across the MEV Rocket, and we just knew that this was the car we wanted to build.

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Stoneleigh Kit Car Show 2009

With our own car still not quite ready, it was still very pleasing to see some of the other Rocket constructors show off their vehicles, and to see what Stuart's furtive mind had brought to fruition. This time in the form of the Atomic.


See photos from the show + other images HERE...


The Rocket A Rocket can be built from a Ford Focus donor as the primary component source.

A small selection of components from other vehicle can be and are being utilised to make the build as uncomplicated as possible. The alternative is to use a selection of new components, especially in the braking department, although the increased cost impact over donor vehicle parts is significant.


Aftermarket wheels/tyres, seats, steering wheels, seat belts, lights and other custom items, allow you to make a distinctive vehicle, totally unique.


The Gallery The unique design of the MEV is a great starting point. However, the minimalist approach means that you really can mess up the whole look of the finished build if to don't get the right colour scheme, and cut corners on the interior (is there one with a MEV Rocket), as nearly everything is on display.


With the benefit of computer graphics it is fairly easy to try out even the most bizarre colour schemes on a "virtual" MEV Rocket".

Take a look at a few HERE....

Special Points Of Consideration


The car must look right, but making it handle is important. The wrong wheel/tyre selection can destroy both



The selection of lights must be good. Not just designed to meet the SVA criteria on the day of the test.



Again the car must look right, but as the ride of the "open air" Rocket may be slightly harsh, good seats are a must.